Soil Conditioner
A Soil Conditioner that Reduces Fertilization - Increases Yield - Reduces Water Usage

GETTING TO THE ROOT OF THE PROBLEM.  When the organisms needed for healthy, productive soil are missing or inactive, the soil's ability to take in water is reduced. Nutrients become bound up, unavailable to growing plants.

Additionally, many farmers are discovering that as growing seasons go by fertilizer requirements continually increase. Correspondingly, the overall health of the soil steadily decreases. But there is a cost-effective efficient way to reverse the process with Pure Biological Systems. Bacteria are everywhere. It's in the air, water, our bodies, and in the soil. In fact, the Earth is very much alive with millions of unique microbial life including algae, fungi and bacteria continually working to survive, multiply and recycle organic components. Take bacteria for example. There are more bacteria in every handful of healthy soil than people on the entire Earth. And though they're the smallest free living microbes in the soil, there may be over 2,000 pounds of bacteria per acre in the top foot alone. Healthier soil means healthier crops without it successful farming is virtually impossible. Healthier soil has the ability to:

1. Take in water and oxygen easily.
2. Deliver a full range of vital nutrients in a highly available form to the crops it supports.

For both to happen, the presence of a complete and active biological system in the soil is crucial.

  • Introduces symbionic and symbiotic organisms to your soil.
  • Improves overall soil efficiency   and improvement.
  • Accelerates select biological growth.
  • Biologically transforms bound micro & macro nutrients for plant intake.
  • Improves soil aggregate for additional water absorption, aeration, root development & plant health.
  • Specifically formulated to enhance biological growth of indigenous & augmented organisms, resulting in rapid soil improvement, promoting healthier plants and increased productivity.

  • Reduced fertilization application
  • Reduced crusting and clodding
  • Reduced water demand
  • Reduced residual chemical build up
  • Increased root formation
  • Increased yield and quality
  • Increased taste and sugar content
  • Increased organic matter
Top Beets Without Pure Biological           
Bottom Beets With Pure Biological