" I increased my yield and reduced my fertilizer.  I also had better water penetration in my soil after using Pure Biological Systems."                       Bruce Woodson - Salmon, Idaho

"In our field, Pure Biological really increased our yields.  We got more tons, with better quality hay.  The hay was taller and healthier.  In our garden the peas were blooming two weeks earlier, the raspberries were bigger and taster.  Pure Biological does not make cents, it makes dollars. Thanks Pure Biological."
                                                       The Tyler Family - Leadore, Idaho
"I cut my fertilizer by 25%. I had absolutely no yield drag, in fact plants were very healthy, with a great stand, were extremely tall, and had large heads on the Sunflowers.  There was also a 90% large seed count in the Sunflower field using Pure Biological Systems. I am also using Pure Biological Systems on my beans, corn, alfalfa and pastures, having great success and also reducing my fertilizer by 25%.
                                                                  Jim Anest - Bayard, Nebraska