Fall/Winter Conditioner
A Fall/Winter Conditioner that gives you a head start on getting your soil ready for spring.

As long as the soil temperature is above 50 degrees and the moisture is in the ground the biological systems in the soil are working.  Below 50 degrees the activity slows down, but still keeps working until the bacteria goes dormant, ready to go back to work as soon as the soil warms up.  This means that applying Pure Biological System in the fall can give you a big boost for next year.

The Fall/Winter blend of Pure Biological System provides not only the standard bacteria in our regular package, but an additional focus is placed on bacteria that helps clean up the soil.  This is done by an increase in bacteria that:

  • Breaks down plant stubble, dead root hairs and other organic residues.
  • Digest agricultural chemical residues that have built up in the soil
             causing hardpan and soil compaction.
  • Move the pH toward neutral, whether the soil is acidic or alkaline.
  • Improve cation exchange for better movement of nutrients in the
             rhizosphere (root zone).
  • Improve biological control of soil borne pathogens, through antagonistic
             control and or inhibition factors.
  • Increase seed germination.

The Fall/Winter blend also gives a biological boost in the spring before you start irrigating and are unable to get the first application on because the soil is to wet.  This will aid in utilizing winter and spring moisture and stimulate early root development.