Waste Water Treatment
An AFFORDABLE Waste Water Treatment System that breaks down solids, decreases or eliminates solids and reduces harsh odors.  THAT WORKS!

After years of research and working with several dairy, feedlots, hog and composting operations, the developers of the Pure Biological Systems Biological Soil System has developed a Waste Water Treatment System that not only works and is easy to use, but is very cost effective.  In starting out we had five basic goals in mind:

1.)  Accelerate the break down of solids in pits, lagoons and compost
2.)  Reduce harsh odors emanating from pits and lagoons
3.)  Liquefy lagoon water for easier disposal
4.)  Make it easy to use
5.)  Make it cost-effective

The Pure Biological System devours waste material and creates oxygen, which turns wastewater to clear water in dairy lagoons and sewage treatment plants, reducing sludge and removing salt and other chemicals in the process. A significant contribution from the use of the Pure Biological System is the elimination of noxious odors, which is highly essential in areas of increasing population density and in countries where environmental regulations are very strict.

Dairy farms, by nature, require comprehensive measures to produce an uncontaminated product. The most common approach is to wash down the dairy barns and channel the water containing all the sewage and chemicals into a pond. These dairy ponds are similar to the municipal wastewater and sewage ponds and often entailed the addition of even more chemicals. The productions of undesirable odor and salt are the most severe problems related to the dairy ponds. Dairy ponds have proven to be effectively treated by the oxygen generated from applications of Pure Biological. The direct result is clean agricultural water with minimal effort. Additionally, sand filtration is usually all that is needed to convert the treated water in dairy ponds or waste water ponds into potable water.

After a lot of trial and error and some very good suggestions from the dairy, hog and compost operators we were working with, we were not only able to meet, but even exceed our expectations.

Some of the additional benefits being realized by the operators using the Waste Water Treatment are:
  • Reduction or elimination of toxic residues
  • Increased nutrient availability in end products to increase plant uptake
  • Less slime and build up in pits and on alleys using lagoon water for re-flush
  • Composting time is reduced and composting is more complete