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What makes us different?  Whether you irrigate by wheel, pivot, flood, drip or dry application, YES, Pure Biological Systems will work for you.  It starts with our delivery system. With our system, you'll receive a higher volume of organic nutrients at less cost, equating to greater crop production, decrease in water usage and decrease in fertilization. Why are organic nutrients so important to healthy, more productive soil? You'll find the following information to be very informative.

How Does Bacteria Work In Your Soil?
Soil bacteria enhance the breakdown of organics when they come into contact with particulate matter in the presence of moisture.  They secrete their digestive juices (enzymes, a mix of organic acids) partially dissolving or liquefying the matter.  This "food" is pulled through their outer body wall (cell membrane) for further decomposition and internal digestion (indoenzyme).  In matter, the bacteria replicate themselves, utilizing their genetic code (RNA,DNA) by forming a protein nucleus and a polysaccharide membrane.  Through a process defined as binary fission, they double in length with two identical nuclei and divide, creating two individual bacteria cells.  They then grow exponentially.  One become two; two becomes four and so on.

Bacteria Working In Your Soil
Provided there are sufficient organics, moisture (60%-70%), proper pH (5.5-9.0) and correct temperature, bacteria can reproduce every thirty minutes, yielding large amounts of beneficial nutrients to the soil.  The enzymes secreted also react with other things in the soil, notably minerals, rocks and even entrapped air molecules.  The procedure results in the "fixing" of minerals and nutrients, including nitrogen, calcium, phosphorus, iron, zinc, etc., biologically charging them for plant uptake.  This process is referred to as increasing the cation exchange capacity and affects the ability of the plant to readily extract nutrients.  Stress and disease are decreased.  Specifically selected bacteria isolated from highly fertile soils have optimum abilities to produce maximum enzymes.  They also exhibit natural adaptation to soil conditions and provide unique abilities to fix both atmospheric and synthetic (chemical nitrogen).  These organisms are isolated and custom fermented (laboratory grown) under aseptic conditions.  A pure culture to stimulate on site growth phase is provided, augmenting the soil bacteria that already exist.

Many farmers are discovering the overall health of their soil steadily decreases.  But there is a cost-effective efficient way to reverse the process with Pure Biological Systems.